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2020 Back To School Package

2020 has been quite a year so far, and the back to school period can be quite depressing – but it’s also a great opportunity to start anew and get some motivation back!

I would like to treat all of my lovely followers with a great offer on these 3 school-themed videos to give you a taste for getting back to the September routine! I know my teacher/schoolgirl roleplay are your favorites, so I really hope you will enjoy (re)discovering these classics.

The first one is my famous #JOI2018 winning video! – probably one of my best-known premium content. If you want to learn how to stroke it with a cute foreign student, join the class and let me show you how they do it in France:

The second one was inspired by my popular #BackToSchool video from last year on Pornhub.

If you’re more into a very softdom but cute register, the French teacher Miss Collins might give you a hand after you got caught during detention:

And finally, because I have videos for all tastes in my store, here is a cool B/G video featuring Kern Ostrova.

Lots of ahegao, and a great orgasm for the both of us. Time to leave class and get back home for some additional fun! See how bad this cute student loves a good sex session:

Have fun with these 3 videos, it’s a special offer so they are 50 % off their original price,

Happy Back To School time, everyone. Xx


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