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ASMR JOI Ear-eating & Soft Instructions.

ASMR JOI ear-eating & soft instructions.

For today’s video, I prepared an ASMR session with a sound quality that’s better than ever! I finally received my Tascam microphone and added silicone ears to it to bring you some of the most popular tingles in the ASMR community: ear-licking/eating/tapping and mouth sounds.

I whisper in both of your ears and stimulate them both distinctively thanks to the stereo system, giving you soft and very simple instructions in the meantime.

This video is more centered on the GFE ASMR aspect than on the JOI itself – it is very gentle and created for people who want to masturbate to mouth sounds and ear-eating first.

I tell you how happy I am to help you relax, kiss your ears, say “I love you”, and make you climax at the end of a countdown.

A discreet piano music accompanies your relaxation throughout the vid. The sunny atmosphere and mirror behind me allow you to enjoy my body to the fullest, in a beautiful set-up. This video was shot during the heatwave and I was burning so sorry for the few mistakes, but I’m happy to give you this quality ASMR. Enjoy. Xx

I’m so happy to show you my first Tascam ASMR JOI! Grab it now.


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