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ASMR JOI - The Tarot Game

ASMR JOI – The Tarot Game

You were told about this strange witch down the woods last night – curiosity killed the cat, but it surely did not discourage you.

That might be a decision taken out of a need for mockery and entertainment, or because you were genuinely seeking a solution for your troubles, but you decided to go and meet her in person to learn more about her popular and mystical “Tarot Service”.

Her dark-lit den smelt of opioids and dried flowers; and there she was, as if waiting for you.

Card after card, she will tell you how to evolve on the path of renewal through climaxing. This experience is like no other I have created before – the video was indeed intended to be a long and immersive ASMR experience.

Be ready, and let the cards guide you until you have to choose your own ending! Three videos are available for the three different endings, and a bonus card was added as an exclusive option for my fanclub/MV Crush/OnlyFans members.

Have fun. ♥

Which ending will you choose? Your destiny belongs to you – pick a card before it’s too late


Pick The Moon 

Pick The Lovers  

Pick The Devil 



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