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[STUDENT RP] Before the exams.

Let’s be honest – i’ve never actually studied before my exams. I would usually read my notes once and go freestyle, because otherwise I would feel annoyed, or anxious, or both. I guess it’s pretty much the same in that…

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Spying on the kitty girl.

Everybody wants a neko-girl : the advantages of a hot woman, the loveliest characteristics of kitties, and the devotion of a sexbot – all mixed in one single item. Therefore, a new Japanese corporation has developed NekoBots, and before those new…

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Long distance GF

It’s well-known that you always yearn for what you can’t have – this is precisely why I LOVE missing people on purpose. When that special someone’s far away you unleash your imagination and create the wildest stories in your mind.…

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Before going to work.

What’s sexier than doing nasty things in a hurry before leaving home ? I have a kink for those things, so I thought I’d try some roleplay about being the “babe, you’re gonna be late !” girlfriend. You can see…

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French teacher foot worship

Your favorite French teacher is back ! And really it’s like she never misses the opportunity to catch students in her web. She noticed you, staring at her, and now it’s time to talk about your lack of attention during classes.…

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