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Back To School 2019

Back to School 2019

Summer is coming to an end and the back to school period is right at the corner now ! I remember I used to hate that time of the year, but it’s no reason not to celebrate, so let’s try…

Morning And Evening JOIs.

Morning and evening JOIs.

I love doing JOIs - it became one of my favorite categories overtime. I like having you under my control, relaxed, ready to do everything i want and eager to play with me. If you also like following instructions, you…

I Come Twice With My Glass Toy.

I come twice with my glass toy.

There are days like last Tuesday, when I just feel like doing genuine, simple videos like this one. I didn’t plan anything; I wanted it to be as natural and spontaneous as possible. I just grabbed knee-high socks because I…

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