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CUMPLAY - Schoolgirl Plays With Her New Bad Dragon

CUMPLAY – Schoolgirl plays with her new Bad Dragon

I have few kinks, but I need to confess cumlube is definitely one of them. There’s something about those Bad Dragon toys that make me go crazy – probably because i’m one of those fantasy nerd.
Watch me come back home from school, undress and display my pretty pantyhose for you, and cover myself in monster cum from head to booty after tearing them open.
It’s a pretty long cumplay video, with lots of different angles and positions; in my opinion it is also my best cumplay so far. It features blowjob, boobjob, pussy close-ups, fingering, front and reverse cowgirl, and a very intense climax – I don’t think I need to mention the 3 full glasses of cumlube that were injected in the toy. If you enjoyed my previous Bad Dragon cumplay videos, or want to discover a new fetish, this is absolutego-to content !


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