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CUSTOM - JOI With Edging & Denying

CUSTOM – JOI with edging & denying

Hello guys, my new JOI is now available, and I must say it’s a bit different from what I am used to doing. It was originally a custom order with a long and detailed script, all written by a real edging and soft-femdom connoisseur; by far my most difficult order, and a big challenge for me! After a date, I invite you over for “dessert” and trick you into masturbating for me instead of having actual sex, so I can make sure you can keep up with my expectations for our next rendez-vous. My cruel little game lasts for more than 20minutes with lots of edging and denying, my most important rule being that you can’t cum until I give you permission to do so, and can’t stop touching yourself unless I say so. I give you instructions, pushing you on the edge of orgasms, and teasing you while slowly taking off my clothes. Remember that if you cum before the end of my countdown, you’ll have to leave and we’ll never meet again. If you think you can take the challenge, then let’s play together ! 🙂

Have fun, you lovely people.


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