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Foot Fetish Detention

Foot Fetish Detention

That Mrs Thompson bitch got us two for an hour of detention ; and to be honest, i feel quite upset about it. Like that crazy old cow can teach me how to write French ! She got mad at me for (pedantly) correcting her, and now it’s just the two of us in that classroom, with stupid homework to do. You may notice that it is clear I don’t want to do those homeworks, and would rather “have fun”… Whatever the reason of your being here is, I know you’re trying to focus on your work, but I’ve seen you peering at me. Nobody’s watching – let’s get wild !

Here’s the second video I’ve shot at school. You already had the teacher version, so now I’ll let you discover the student one. I make a very nonchalant and bitchy teen, but I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.
Love. Trish.

Get the vid !

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