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GFE JOI – Countdown To Climax.

GFE JOI – Countdown to climax.

Yo guys, I hope you’re doing well ! Here’s my third Jerking Off video, and it’s fire ! It is way more spontaneous – and longer, than my previous versions, and even though it does not contain full nudity (I only show my lil bewbies), it serves its purpose very well. I tease you a lot, display my body, give you instructions, ask you to follow the rhythm of my mouth and feet, until the final countdown… I’ve tried to gather things I know you guys really like (especially that blowjob and footjob combo) without going porn, because sometimes I like keeping it erotic – and the slight frustration makes it even more better ! I know you’ll love it – don’t think about anything, just follow my voice and relax… Ready ? Let’s have some fun together, baby !

Spread the love. <3

~ Trish

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