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I Come Twice With My Glass Toy.

I come twice with my glass toy.

There are days like last Tuesday, when I just feel like doing genuine, simple videos like this one. I didn’t plan anything; I wanted it to be as natural and spontaneous as possible.

I just grabbed knee-high socks because I felt sexy in them, a glass toy because I think it looks pretty and it was a long time since I last used it, and went to bed with nothing but my camera and tripod.It was a hot day, and I felt pretty relaxed.

I just wanted to feel good, and have some sexual self-care time – I just love masturbating in this kind of therapeutic, selfish manner.As a result I intensely climaxed. Twice. So watch me tease you, moan, and play with myself like you’re sitting next to me. Hope you will like this video. ♥


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