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JOI - A Cute Schoolgirl Instructs The Headmaster.

JOI – A cute schoolgirl instructs the headmaster.

Hello, Headmaster ! Welcome in my dormitory room…
What is the motive of your presence?

I think you wanted to see me because there is something you need to tell me? You have heard about these nasty rumors going around, haven’t you?

The girls in the residency don’t like me a lot, and they make up stupid stories about me, but I can prove them wrong – there’s nothing I need to hide.

Sure, I am quite shy and embarrassed, but I am more than willing to prove my innocence. You can touch me, look at me, see that little jewel I’m so fond of under my skirt…

Oh, are you having a boner? This feels so wrong! And you want me to get off right in front of you, Headmaster? I don’t want you to be angry at me so I’ll do anything, but you will have to get off as well. Let me show you exactly how I want to stroke your sex for me.

I’ll be nice and good, I will make you edge, but just the way you like it, I will climax for you and then be devoted to your pleasure until you come on my cute little face…

Here’s the back to school month! Hope you enjoy this schoolgirl-themed vid! Grab it now.

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