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“Can you remember that crazy December night… it was snowing outside. A calm, warm, sweet December night. We were together, for the first time in weeks. I recall holding you in my arms and whispering “it feels like the last time we met was a lifetime ago” with a tear rolling down my cheek. I was wearing that fur coat and lingerie you love so much. You used to say I had something of a Russian femme fatale because of that. I wanted you, I wanted your love, your attention, your flesh, your everything. I was lusting for every inch of your skin.”

So, here is my new video; as you guessed it is pretty different from what I usually do. I had basically shot a couple of stuff in a hotel room and decided I would try to build up something around those excerpts at home. I went for a phone call situation – the premise is based around a woman calling her former lover to tell him about a sexual rendez-vous they had a long time ago, slowly turning from mere storytelling to an actual JOI. I tried to make the whole thing very aesthetic and retro, like some kind of 80’s erotic movie. You can choose to either watch the video (the images are supposed to portray memories), or simply listen to it, depending on how you’d like to live your fantasy. Hope you will like it as much as I do; I know going for something that experimental might be risky, but I do think the video turned out to be awesome. 🙂 ♥♥



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