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CUMPLAY - Human Vs Monster Cock.

CUMPLAY – Human vs Monster Cock.

What could possibly be best for a cute and hungry catgirl? The big dick of a human master, or the hentai-like dick of a blue skinned monster? The usual answer, when given the choice between two possibilities is “why not…

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BONDAGE - Hitachi Torture.

BONDAGE – Hitachi Torture.

It was on a cloudy Sunday ; I had invited Kern over to make a new video with him. He knows I have a thing for soft dom and the likes, so he had purchased ropes beforehand – how sweet…

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VOYEUR - Spying On Your Stepsister.

VOYEUR – Spying on your Stepsister.

Spying on your own stepsister – how pervy of you! Why did you even place cameras in her bedroom in the first place? You definitely know why, do you? It was not her reading or her texting friends you were…

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Young Babe Plays With 2 Dildos.

Young babe plays with 2 dildos.

B/B/G threesomes – that’s a huge fantasy of mine ! I often lay in bed and masturbate, daydreaming about soft, muscular, hot bodies; either flesh or steel (most often steel I confess – androids are my deepest kink), and these…

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