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Spanking, Teasing, Playing.

Spanking, teasing, playing.

It was such a sunny day and I was so horny for some reason. I decided to take advantage and shoot some content. I had no specific idea in mind, but I knew I didn’t want the video to be…

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Back To School 2019

Back to School 2019

Summer is coming to an end and the back to school period is right at the corner now ! I remember I used to hate that time of the year, but it’s no reason not to celebrate, so let’s try…

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CREAMPIE - Slutty GF Takes All Your Cum.

CREAMPIE – Slutty GF takes all your cum.

You’re finally back home, and guess who’s waiting for you, with red lipstick and glamour stockings on ? Your lusty, slutty girlfriend, of course ! You’re barely settling down and she’s already stripping for you, displaying her lovely butt and…

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Play With The Furry Cat.

Play with the furry cat.

Your little baby cat wants to have some fun, and she sure knows how to let you know. She shows off laying languidly on her furry carpet and pink roses, displaying her pretty little bush, and then starts pleasing herself…

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“Can you remember that crazy December night… it was snowing outside. A calm, warm, sweet December night. We were together, for the first time in weeks. I recall holding you in my arms and whispering “it feels like the last…

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Thick Teen Pleases The Demogorgon

Thick teen pleases the Demogorgon

Being in the porn industry obviously led me to discover new kinks and practices that I would never have suspected to enjoy. Bad Dragon toys and cumplay is definitely one of those. Without even associating the toys to actual monsters,…

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