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Therapist JOI - Stockholm Syndrome Gets REAL.

Therapist JOI – Stockholm Syndrome gets REAL.

For over a few months, the lustful and mysterious Dr. Collins created and perfected her « Assisted Masturbation Therapy », based on her own theories and observations. The idea is to be guided to climax through specific and detailed instructions, allowing for the therapist to provide personal attention and work on a process of externalization with the patient. Her thesis is getting more and more popular, and so is her office. Practicing AMT proved more than once to be efficient on her most depressed and anxious cases – and so she keeps practicing and helping people.

You came to her for several reasons; however, during this session, Dr. Collins will work on the neurosis linked to your relationship with women – she noticed you want to please beautiful girls because you’re seeking validation from an intimidating aggressor. Therefore, your appointment will gravitate around Stockholm Syndrome.

Even though she takes her work very seriously and with extreme professionalism, your therapist turns out to be a sadistic femme fatale herself; or is this part of the roleplay? She threatens you with a knife, delighted at the realization that you will do anything she wants you to do, plays with your mind, reminds you that there’s nothing you can hide for her. And strangely enough, you both share a special bond, some kind of empathy preventing you from physically hurting each other… And then, you offer your orgasm.

Dr. Collins might not be available before long. Make your appointment now< before it’s too late.


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