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Thick Teen Pleases The Demogorgon

Thick teen pleases the Demogorgon

Being in the porn industry obviously led me to discover new kinks and practices that I would never have suspected to enjoy. Bad Dragon toys and cumplay is definitely one of those. Without even associating the toys to actual monsters, I just think their aesthetic look amazing; plus they do feel great. Also, cum lube is by far one of my naughtiest must-haves; it’s indescribable how much I love having this thing dripping all over my body. I often feel like a hentai babydoll being used as a sexslave.

But let’s move on to the video instead: it mainly focuses on the blowjob category. I played that frustrating game of pleasing a Demogorgon cock without masturbating because sometimes, I just feel like denying myself. Don’t get me wrong though, I was horny asf, and you can see in my eyes that I do love playing denied sub. I wanted to perform this for you and I hope you will get the same feeling as me. It starts with a soft handjob, and keeps going with sloppy blowjobs, cumshots, cumplay on my boobs, etc… I end up lying on my back with cum all over my face and breasts, almost begging for more. If you’re into sexy lingerie, thick girls, cumshots and messy blowjobs, you will probably like this vid. 🙂



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